Middle School/High School School Supply List

ALL STUDENTS - Computer headphones or ear buds

Bartels - 6th and 8th MS Science

Composition (100-page) notebook
Sticky notes
4 Glue Sticks
1 (one)1" 3-ring binder for science fair

Haug - 7th and 8th grade Reading
Spare pair of earbuds!!

Poppen - 6th and 7th grade Math
TI 30xa calculator

Uecker - 8th grade language arts, 6th grade reading
Highlighters- 4 colors
Notecards (3x5)
2 Composition notebooks
Glue sticks
Notebook - College ruled, single subject.
TWO pairs of earbuds

Fedt -
6th and 7th grade Language Arts
Journal notebook 
Notebook or loose leaf paper 
English folder
 or binder
Pencils (all assignments need to be done in pencil)
Red or another dark colored ink pen
Highlighters (optional)

MacDonell - 7th grade science; 8th grade Math
7th Grade Science:
100 page composition book
colored pencils
4 glue sticks
1 (one)1" 3-ring binder for science fair
8th Grade Math:
TI 30xa Calculator
composition book

HS Spanish (Miss Leick):

- composition notebook (recommended; instead of spiral, if possible)
- glue (sticks or bottles)

- 1 (one) 1"-2" three-ring binder

- Kleenex/tissues

- pencils

- array of colored pens and/or pencils (optional but recommended)


MS Spanish:
- 1" binder

- loose-leaf paper

- pencils